Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

"It is with great pleasure that I endorse Gerard Guidice for the Rohnert Park City Council.

Since meeting Gerard a few years ago I know him to be a man of high integrity with a can-do-attitude and a passion for service in bettering his community. This is evident in his roles as Rotary President, Social Advocates for Youth Director and Rohnert Park Planning Commissioner.

His enthusiasm for the city, his clear understanding of the issues, his ability to partner with governmental agencies and his ease in working with a variety of groups is essential in continuing to move Rohnert Park in the right direction."

-Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Congressman Mike Thompson

"I know Gerard to be a strong advocate for the residents and businesses of Rohnert Park. His tireless work, service to the community, compassion, enthusiasm, and experience have earned him my endorsement. Gerard will be good for Rohnert Park.”

 -Congressman Mike Thompson


Casey Williams

"Hi, My name is Casey Williams and Rotary brought Gerard and I together. We were both presidents of our respective clubs the same year. We decided to room together at our President-Elect Training Seminar. We shared ideas of how we wanted to serve our communities and our dreams for the future. I remember him saying, "I want to honor the heroes in Rohnert Park; the first responders, the teachers, the businesses who give back to their community." This year I was proud to attend the 5th annual Rohnert Park Community Awards dinner. Gerard doesn't just talk about things, he makes things happen. I am proud to have Gerard as a mentor and he treats me like family. This is a good place to be. He has been there for me in times of triumph and tragedy and I couldn't ask for a better friend and mentor. I am more excited at the possibility that after November, the entire city of Rohnert Park will be treated like his family."

-Casey Williams


"Let me add my voice to the many others here who have endorsed Gerard Giudice for Rohnert Park City Council. The recent endorsement from Assemblywoman Ceilia Aguiar Curry, our Assembly representative from Napa brings the weight of the California Legislature to support this fine candidate.

I have worked with Gerard in the past and have found him to be intelligent, quick on the uptake, and willing to listen to opposing viewpoints, all very desirable qualities in an elected representative. Gerard has lived in Rohnert Park for over 2 decades and is attuned to the issues in the city, from parks and schools to our emerging downtown to the growing problem of homelessness in Rohnert Park. Gerard will bring his openness to new ideas and his problem-solving skills to the City Council to address these issues.

I urge my friends in Rohnert Park to vote for Gerard Giudice on November 6 for the Rohnert Park City Council."

 -Joe Gaffney


Wulff Reinhold

"I have served to ensure the safety and welfare of Rohnert Park residents for more than 23 years and raised my family in this wonderful city. Although I currently reside just outside of its boundaries, all of our day-to-day activities, shopping, interactions and friendship still occur in this city.

As such, I believe I still have a vested interest in the governance of the city. I know there are many choices for citizen representation in the upcoming elections for Rohnert Park City Council and one wants to be sure they have the best possible leadership in place to embody and epitomize the unique characteristics of this fine town.

To that end, I can attest that Gerard Giudice is such a visionary candidate. His high ethical standards, genuine humanitarian nature, dedication to family and a deep commitment to the sustainable health, success, and responsible growth of the city make him the best choice for City Council. Gerard is one of the most compassionate, generous and giving people I know, and I have friends all over the world. He truly embodies a well know service organization’s motto “Service Above Self” and exemplifies that maxim every day, in everything he does.

He will serve the Rohnert Park community well. I strongly endorse Gerard and encourage you to vote for him for Rohnert Park City Council."

 -Wulff Reinhold

Carolyn Besse - Your Sweet Expectations Bakery

"In 2008 I decided to follow my heart and start my cake and cookie business. I needed some guidance and sound advice in how to tackle this project. I had known Gerard from his restaurant Sally Tomatoes and asked if he would take a few minutes to talk with me. He very willingly said yes, listened to my plan, gave some very good commentary and encouragement and target points to achieve.

A month later, I went to Gerard to ask about subleasing a corner of his kitchen. After several days of consideration, he called to say yes, lets work out the details. So, we did! I was there for over 5 years and in that time, Gerard was always genuinely interested and considerate of my business and what I might need to grow. He supported me with referrals, introducing me to many wonderful people (turned into connections), inviting me to networking groups and made himself available for guidance and help as needed.

I know Gerard to be a man of integrity and always a straight shooter. He has a big heart for helping others and giving people a real chance.

It has been 10 years! I now have my own retail shop, Your Sweet Expectations Bakery & Café in Cotati. I am so grateful for the example he has been and the support he has given.

Forever grateful."

 -Carolyn Besse


 Your Sweet Expectations Bakery Café