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The top 2 carbon emitting activities by far in our County are attributed to: #1 vehicle emissions & #2 building energy.  These are two main focus for me as councilmember and civic leader.  As City Councilmember I will set policy to:


  • Smart Growth- walkability.  Reduce vehicle trips through planning of focused growth

  • Mixed Use Development- require mixed use development to limit vehicle trips

  • Increase and Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes, including improving safety with lighting, marking, and safe crossings

  • City vehicles and Equipment: shift city vehicle fleets to low-carbon fuels or EV in vehicles and fuel-efficient equipment

  • Go Solar and LEED buildings: increase renewable energy use, require solar on new builds and retrofits. Review and strengthen our policies and codes.

  • Bring Bikes Back to RP:  partner with CRPUSD to bring back bicycle safety in our neighborhoods and implement safe routes to schools’ programs to teach RP's next gen that bicycling to school and around town is safe and cool.  Get junior high and high schoolers out of cars and out walking again!  Conduct bicycle roundups and promote adopt-a-bike for community to support getting bikes in hand of families. San Francisco has a famous volunteer-led city walks.  Our bicycle committee needs to have standing volunteer-led bike tours around the city to get families, seniors out on creek trails, bike trails for an hour.  Learn about the city's creeks, history, neighborhoods, get exercise, meet new people.  Let us start cleaning up trash and debris. Let us get more eyes on creeks and our streets. All of this means better surveillance and pride of ownership.  These are very low-cost ideas that have multiple, long-term benefits!

  • Show Up- Represent RP:  Rohnert Park is underrepresented in county and regional wide policy discussions and planning for climate adaptation and strategic conversations surrounding protection of health and well-being of citizens affected by climate change.  RP needs a strong voice in these arenas and a consistent councilmember who listens and participates.  As a Councilmember I would participate in the Regional Climate Protection Agency and the climate compact.  I would participate in the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District.  I would be advocate for the Water Advisory Committee and the Russian River Watershed Association. We need a stand-alone Climate Element to our General Plan- providing a blueprint and framework for our future.

  • Prosperity has a direct link to climate vulnerability. Proven facts.  If we lift our underserved populations, we reduce their vulnerability to the effects of climate change such as: unsheltered, extreme heat/smoke, flooding, lack of access to food/water, economic hardships due to PSPS, evacuations due to wildfire.