About Gerard

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Hello Rohnert Park!

My name is Gerard Giudice. I live in C Section with my wife of 26 years Suzanne. We raised our two daughters Katarina and Isabella here. We purchased the home in 2000 to live next to my Mom (well four houses away) with the help of my mentor and former employer Catherine Munson. When asked how I could re-pay the favor she told me to join a Rotary Club, so I did………and that is how I met all of you! For these past two decades with the help of my family business Sally Tomatoes, I have submerged myself into this beautiful town. I oversee an annual budget of $2,000,000 with profit and loss accountability and five direct reports. I have served or continue to serve in an Executive capacity on non-profit boards with fiduciary responsibility and annual budgets of over $6,000,000. I have supported, served, donated, or otherwise assisted many hundreds of Rohnert Park groups. Seniors, schools, non-profits, young people, conservative people, liberal people, Latino people, ALL PEOPLE with my only criteria being a passion to help. In business, I have assisted the city as well, with economic development, business creation, and attraction (I have personally assisted two SSU students create businesses in town). I am very proud of those two empowerment stories. I served on the committee to bring our town to a Health Center.  I serve as the Vice-Chair city on the Planning Commission.

Why vote for me and why am I running for City Council? All of these stories are Rohnert Park stories, they are YOUR stories and they are important. YOU are important.

Not many cities have the opportunity to re-invent themselves more than 60 years after their inception. It’s easy for me to speak about the creation of a Downtown, the new homes and hotels. But those amazing things are like the roof of a house, what we need to focus on are our foundation pieces to make sure that home has stability.


-Our Seniors

-Public Safety

-Our Creeks 

-Our Latino population

-A, B, and C Sections

-Our relationship with The University

I am happy to answer questions about these topics and more, please ask. I hope I get to meet you all and earn your vote


                                                                                                                                                                  - Gerard Giudice